Friday, May 16, 2008

Fun at the Photo Booth

Tonight we went miniature golfing and then stopped by the photo booth on our way out. I thought these pictures were pretty funny. Ok that's all, bye.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mothers' Day Mums

A little shout out to my husband who made Sunday a special day for me, a non-mother. Aided by his sister Amy and another anonymous tipper he was told that he should do something since I'm a future mother.

Shawn made me 3 squares including: sliced pear with cottage cheese and toast with apricot jam for breakfast, tuna on toast with pickles and chips for lunch, and a homemade lasagna with garlic bread and a yummy salad he invented with iceberg lettuce, sliced dried mangoes, slivered almonds and poppy seed dressing for dinner.

Everything was delicious and to top it off he gave me the beautiful mums pictured above. They were a fun surprise he placed at the bottom of the stairs so I'd see them as we were leaving for church.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Living the Busy Life

Shawn had a bunch of friends come into town last week and we played our hearts out with them. We ate, we truth or dared, we cabined, we concerted, we X-Box Rock banded, we hot tubed and we ate. Did I mention the food?

On Saturday our niece Aubree got baptised. She also jumped rope, which she wanted me to photograph in action. She is such a sweet girl we're all very happy for her.

We went back to the Sechrist house and Dance Dance Revolutioned our hearts out. Courtney is a maniac. She jumps to each square instead of using just one foot...who am I to judge since she killed everyone playing.
On Sunday baby Jackson got blessed. He didn't make a peep, not like those "cry babies" out there who just scream the whole time.