Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stop Growing!

Can you believe my girl is going to be 6 months old tomorrow? My oh my! I thought it was pretty funny watching her sweetness chew on a dinosaur, her tongue flapping all over it.

And then I thought, why not document her newest trick. She's a real good sitter! Doesn't it seem like after 6 months they're no longer an infant? Guess it's time to announce...absolutely nothing! muahaha

Monday, August 8, 2011

She's a Blankie Girl

My mom says she started this as an intended gift for Berky but didn't finish in time so she made it for Sovie. I love it and think it is beautiful and usually leave it hanging over the rocker but I stuck it on her one night when her legs felt cold and the blanket and the Sovie have been inseparable ever since.
To put her to bed all you have to do is put that blanket within arms length and she smiles and snuggles it up to her face and sucks her thumb and closes her eyes. It's so sweet! And then of course if you keep snapping photos...
she wakes up. Go figure.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day of Play

These two really make each other laugh. It is so cute now that Sovie is interested in him...
...he's pretty much always been interested in her...
...but now that the feeling is mutual it's nice. I mean, you can't really leave them alone unattended for longer than it takes to pee or you come back to him riding her like a pony but, oh who am I kidding, he mounts her before I'm back from a pee.