Friday, February 29, 2008

A Lil' Summary of Our Week

Although it feels like I don't have anything interesting to say I'm just going to give a little summary of our week because then it really is like a little digital journal. If you get bored don't feel obligated to read on.

On Monday Night Shawn and I rented The Assassination of Jesse James and watched it on our Clearplay DVD player, which I love, and ate roast. Nothing too thrilling, except that it was a pretty good movie and I'm a pretty great wife because I made us roast. Then we opened up an entire bag of Sweethearts Valentine candy and read every piece and I made a complete phrase out of them. Did you know that they now have just the words "and" and "to?" It makes sentencing much easier. It said something like:

How Nice- to- Marry Me- I Hope- It's Love-
Hug Me- and- Love Me- and- I Know -You & Me- Got Love.

I was pretty proud of myself for that.

Then our friends/neighbors April and George came over and I force fed them nasty cookies (see previous entry). Suckers.

On Tuesday evening Shawn and I went out for dinner and a movie. I hesitate to say that it was in celebration of our one month anniversary because I think celebrating month-iversaries is kind of lame but it did happen to fall on the 26th AND Shawn did get me these:

Which was such a fun surprise because the man literally never once gave me flowers the entire time we were dating or engaged and I got a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day so I definitely thought he’d reached his quota for the year already. But his sweetness didn’t end there, we went to 27 Dresses which I hadn’t seen yet and he knew I really wanted to. He was literally the only male in the theater. Literally.

On Wednesday evening we went on our ward Temple trip to the Jordan River Temple. It was a dinner in the cafeteria before hand in a section they had blocked off just for our ward then the temple president came and spoke to us and then a session. It was my first ward temple trip and we have only been to this ward two times so far but it was really nice. Everyone was very friendly.

On Thursday Shawn went to dinner with his cousin Aaron and my friend Lauryn brought me CafĂ© Rio, now that’s a good friend! Then Shawn and I hosted our weekly LOST party. It’s always fun because a) it’s LOST and b) I see friends of mine that I don’t usually see. Usually Shawn’s sister Amy comes and my friends Lauryn, Rick and Bryce. Last night Beckie and Steve came as well which was really fun because they hadn’t been to our place yet. And then, as is our other weekly tradition as soon as everyone left Shawn and I watched our DVR’d Survivor which is just totally addicting. I admit that when I found out that Shawn was a fan I thought it was a little strange because I didn’t know anyone watched that show anymore. I was always surprised that it was still on the air. Alas I’m hooked. It’s really pretty good.

And finally today, as I type, Shawn is getting his stitches removed. It’s pretty awesome that his entire surgical process is all over. I’m glad he survived. Even though the chance of him dying in there is less then 1%, it’s still too much for me.

As for tonight we are hosting the “Lindseth Family Sleepover” as Shawn calls it. He’s been talking about it since before we were married. His sisters and nephew Kaden are coming up to party. Uncle Shawn is Kaden’s absolute favorite person in the world so it’ll be pretty fun.

Ok, that’s all.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fool Me Once, Shame on You.

Let me preface this by saying that I was raised to make chocolate chip cookies with Crisco. For some of you this concept might be foreign, for those of you who were raised the same way you understand. Crisco does make a superior cookie to butter. It's a fact.

There is however, one little problem. The butter flavor. It's just so...buttery. In order to combat this Crisco vs. butter dilemma I have been making cookies with 1/2 cup Crisco and 1/2 cup butter for years. Many people who eat my cookies will say, “These are really good, how do you make them” and I tell them and then they say, "why don't you just use butter flavored Crisco?" To which I give them the dirtiest look my face can muster and walk away. They just don't understand.

What does this have to do with anything you ask? Well I'll tell you. Last night I had the hankering to make some cookie. Cookie dough and warm cookies are a comfort I seldom deny myself once the craving hits.

My husband and I inherited a lot of baking goods when his roommates moved out so I knew from organizing the cupboard that we had a "Crisco stick" in there. I was pretty excited because the sticks are just so easy to measure and bake with. I started throwing ingredients together and opened up the Crisco thinking, “isn't Crisco supposed to be white?”

That's right, it was butter flavored Crisco. I'd already thrown a bunch of ingredients together so what else could I do? I threw it in. I mixed it up. I took a spoon full of dough. I cried. OK, I didn't actually cry but seriously who do they think they are trying to kid? The flavor seriously reminds me of this butter powder stuff that my mom used to use when she was dieting. You'd sprinkle it on a baked potato or something. The problem is if I were dieting I wouldn't be throwing 1/2 cup of Crisco in anything now would I??? So why on earth do I want to have a diet butter flavor in my baked goods when there is absolutely no nutritional benefit?

Is everyone crazy but me? Can we start a petition to get butter flavored Crisco off the store shelves?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bye Bye Fat Lump

OK, so as I said not in my first blog Shawn had surgery to get a fatty tumor removed from the back of his neck. It looked like it was the size of a golf ball in there but the doctor showed it to me once it was removed (because my dear, sweet husband asked him to) and it wasn't quite that large. It also wasn't very round. The Dr. said that if you take a marble and stick it under a piece of saran wrap it still looks the size of a marble but if you put it under a rug it looks a lot bigger...therefore because Shawn's lump was deep in his neck it looked bigger.

Shawn is very sad that I didn't take a picture of the lump for him because he was still out when they sent it to the lab. But, there is no real cause for concern because the Dr. told us it is a less then 1% chance that it is something serious. Oh yeah, as for him not seeing it don't feel bad, because last night whilst cooking up some ground beef I fished the piece out of the pan that most closely resembled the size and shape of the lump for him.

So there you have it. He's doing well and feeling young and spry again.

I got tagged by Mendy...

What time did you get up this morning?
7:45 plus two five minute snoozes...
Diamonds or pearls?
What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
What is your favorite TV show?
We'll say currently on the air to help me choose...The Office...30 Rock...Lost
What do you usually have for breakfast?
Honey nut Cheerios
What food do you dislike?
Raisins and Sweet Pickles...gagging just thinking about them
What is your favorite CD at the moment?
Colbie Callet
What kind of car do you drive?
'95 Accord complete with rust and's a dream
Favorite Sandwich
tuna with DILL pickle chunks on toast
Favorite item of clothing?
a "little black dress" from Express (as little as it can be with actual sleeves)
If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?
Egypt to see the Pyramids and the Sphynx...don't know why but I've dreamed of it since i was about 12
Favorite Brand of clothing
Anything I can't afford
Where would you retire to?
Somewhere beachy...Hawaii would be nice
What is your most recent memorable birthday?
My last one, my husband, then just my boyfriend really made it great, we went to an amusement park and he showered me with gifts that I loved, he's a good gift giver.
Favorite sport to watch
When is your birthday?
July 26th
Are you a morning person or a night person?
night, hands down, no contest...if you know me well enough to be reading all of this then you probably just skipped over the answer here
What is your shoe size?
I'll tell you like I told Shawn, not until we have kids old enough to take care of them.
Any new and exciting news you'd like to share? just don't know.
What did you want to be when you were little?
A Care Bear
How are you today?
Pretty good, other than the fact that I got shampoo in my eye this morning and it still burns a little
What is your favorite candy?
Reeses Sticks, Sour Punch Straws
What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to?
March 23rd. I like Easter...Maybe even the 16th so that I can color eggs on the Sechrist traditional day.
What are you listening to right now?
A mix that my friend Molly made me...specifically right now "I want to Break Free" by Queen
What is the last thing you ate?
Rainbow Chip Cookie washed down with Diet Coke
Do you wish on stars?
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Seafoam Green, when I was little I LOVED that crayon
How is the weather right now?
it's freaking snowing!!! Kill me NOW.
Last Person you spoke to on the phone
Beckie I think
Favorite Soft Drink
Diet Coke
Favorite Restaurant
Happy Sumo
Hair color
What was your favorite toy as a child?
I guess my Bike, I rode that think EVERYWHERE all day, everyday.
Hugs or kisses
Chocolate or vanilla
Chocolate all the way.
When was the last time you cried?
Tuesday Night
What is under your bed?
Honestly, a jewelry box and an extra blanket in case I get cold, and that's all...pretty good huh?
What did you do last night?
I made dinner with my friend Lauryn and Shawn, then we played wheel of fortune together, watched Lost and Survivor
What are you a afraid of?
Shawn dying
Salty or sweet
Favorite day of the week?
Thursday, strange I know.
How many towns have you lived in?
8 - Glen Rock, Hoffman Estates, Shrewsbury, Rexburg, Provo, Orem, Eagle Mountain, Draper Do you make friends easily?

Hit me with it...Amber, Lindsey and Elizabeth

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here we go...

So basically I haven't made a blogger blog because I thought, I'm single and blogs are only fun to read when you hear about how your neice just named her a-sexual doll Pete Sakes or about how your nephew has a fear of Mickey/Chuck E. but not Donald. (Does anyone think his fear might just be rats and not "characters?" seriously, I'm sensing a pattern.) The point is, I'm married now but I still have no kids so it's still up in the air about whether or not this will be fun to read but humor me anyway.

I've been married for less than a month and my husband goes in for surgery tomorrow. Maybe that'll be a good first official post. Shawn without a golfball size fat lump in the back of his neck...that's just a working title. Stay tuned.