Sunday, February 22, 2009

We're Fine

We just had a lovely day in Cairo visiting the Pyramids and all they had to offer. Then we returned to our room and switched on Fox News to find out that a bomb went off in the middle of Cairo today targeting tourists. We had no idea until we saw it on the news.

We are fine, we had no incident.


Will you please bring our mail in and throw it on the kitchen table. The key is on Shawn's chain that you have and the mailbox is the one right outside of our house, number 12. Thanks a mill.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dear Mom,

We survived Turkey. I thought you'd be pleased to know. Tomorrow we'll be in Egypt. This is just a brief line to let you know we're alive and well. Internet aboard this vessel is $.75 a minute but Shawn had to log in for work anyway.


Whitney and Shawn.

Monday, February 9, 2009

January 3, 2009...

That was the last time a caffeinated beverage passed through my lips, ice cold onto my tongue and down my ever ready throat. I love Diet Coke. I really do. I miss it. I pass absolutely no judgement on those who drink it, I feel nothing but comradery and jealousy towards them.

It just seemed like a good time to stop. We had gotten back from Christmas, there wasn't any in the house and it was Sunday. Ordinarily in this situation I'd go to the change jar and grab some money for a vending machine run but we had just given all of our change to my dad for Christmas. You might say the stars aligned and I knew it was time.

I long for the day that I'm strong enough to order one with a value meal and not fall right back into my 44 ounce a day habit but I know deep down that I'm not ready yet.

And so, for those of you out there keeping Coke in business, I salute you. I'll be back, just hopefully not so regularly.