Saturday, August 22, 2009

100th Post for 100 Pounds Gained

Here I am striking a pose because my friend April has made multiple requests. April lives just two doors down from me. Yeah she's kind of weird.

34 weeks pregnant and HOLY CRAP!

I honestly didn't realize how big I was until seeing it in photograph form. Although I probably should have since a few loving co-workers keep telling me I'm going to have a big boy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Help Me!

There are so many symptoms that come with pregnancy, you hear about them your entire life but never really understand how severe they can be until you experience them yourself. The one that I've probably heard a ton of in passing and never given much thought to would be dreams. Vivid, constant dreams. I started dreaming very early in my pregnancy, probably before my first bout of morning sickness and they have remained constant and intense.

Sure I've dreamed strange dreams like, giving birth pre-maturely and fearing that Shawn would be mad at me for allowing it to happen hid the baby under my shirt with the umbilical cord still attached.

However, last night's dream was, to say the least, the most eventful one yet.

Last night I had a dream that as I was driving into work I noticed in my rear view mirror a tan car with three young men inside. Strangely enough the driver had his window down and a hand held gun swinging around outside the window as he drove. I knew he was coming to rob the Gardens where I work. I remember tons of details about this dream but I'll spare you the things of no consequence. The bottom line is we all ended up in the Gardens because even though my mind was saying, you're pregnant run the other way I kept thinking about my young cashiers inside and I couldn't leave them alone with these psychos.

Once inside I tried to act non-chalant like I hadn't just seen them wildly waving a gun around and like I didn't know they were about to commit armed robbery. I made small talk with the guys and excused myself to use the restroom.

Once away from them I got out my phone to call a co-worker who wasn't currently at work and have her call the police (why I didn't call them myself I have no idea) and when I went to dial her my fingers automatically dialed 911. As soon as I hit send one of the burglars came at me from no where and asked who I was calling. I said, "a friend." He said, "let me see." I said, "no." He then got very close and tried to take the phone from me and grabbed my arms. I tried to yell "help me" but nothing came out.

I have this curse where when I'm frightened I can't make a sound. It all gets trapped in my throat. Frustrated with myself and my condition I said to myself, "swallow, make your throat moist and yell as loud as you can!" I did. I mean, I really did. I yelled at the top of my lungs "HELP ME!!!" And what hero came to my aid? That would be my husband who started shaking me, "wake up, its ok, you're ok, are you awake? you're ok, its ok." And I think I instantly started laughing because I screamed at 5:22 am "HELP ME." My breathing was heavy, Shawn's breathing was heavy. It was a freaky situation.

Shawn was afraid the police were going to show up at our door. I just kept giggling because I couldn't believe it happened. It's like something you see in a movie and think its totally fake. Now I know, it is possible to scream out in a dream and wake yourself and your poor husband from an otherwise peaceful slumber.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guess What My Husband Got Me For My Birthday...

A bunch of paper bags? That'd be weird...

Tulip bulbs? No...

Permission to fall off the wagon? No...(8 whole months sober by the way)

A new camera? YES!!! I LOVE IT!