Friday, May 13, 2011

Zany Zoo Summer

There's no excuse for my long blogging absence...I'm just going to play some catch up and if you just look at the pictures it's totally understandable. Know that we are alive and well and in good spirits and that I've been checking up on you even if I've been a bad commenter...
We decided to get a zoo membership this year and we've been several times. These pictures are from our first trip as members back in May.
I love having the membership because there's no obligation to stay all day.

And because both of our kids are still free so we qualify for just the couple's membership.
And because Berky and I both love the elephants. I'm pretty sure they're my favorite...and maybe his too. Although, he has recently discovered a love for the zoo's carousel so that might have all of the animals beat.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blue Baby Booties

On May 4th I thought my girl was looking pretty sweet in her blue bow and booties so I snapped some shots. What a tiny princess!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter: A Marathon of Pictures

The bunny delivered...bubbles and candies and toy dinosaurs, a tricycle and a handmade hair accessory organizer, even new church shoes for daddy!
The kid was not sure what to think...
a bit nervous to even touch it.
Forget the tricycle, the $1 dinosaurs are where it's at.
Is that image not the epitome of little boy? Dinosaurs in the back of his tricycle?
If Sunday best is the best of the week, than Easter best of the year.
Family portraits with 4 people are a lot trickier...
Yeah, maybe we'll stick with the first one.
A lesson in pedaling...which he still hasn't grasped. That stupid thing says its for 1 1/2 to 3 years but I'm beginning to think the people at Radio Flyer are LIARS.
You gotta admit the bow tie is to die for, right?
I wanted to take some pictures of Sovie by her loot (by which I mean, the candy Shawn and I were to consume) but that Berky just can't resist her!
Here she is! Wearing a dress that was mine!
The sweetest baby girl in the whole world! She's also wearing some booties my mom made, you can see them in the family photos.
Easter Egg hunting outside with some help from Daddy.

We had a wonderful Easter. Hope you did too!