Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ho Ho Horror

Not even a balloon in one hand and a candy cane in the other could calm him. Oh the humanity!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do I Look Pregnant Yet?

Just a tad...that there is 100% pure woman.

Here I am on Sunday December, 12th...29 1/2 weeks pregnant with Sovie Jane.

Yup, Sovie...with an "o." We decided to change it from Sauvie to make her life a little easier. Everyone who asks her name already thinks its Sophie, Sofie or if I really enunciate the "v" Sylvie. All great names, none of them are her name. Anyway, we feel good about it and we are now committed. (My mom called and said it was about to go on her stocking so you don't get much more committed than that, its hand knit!)
From what I can tell, she's a mover and a shaker and resides mostly somewhere around my heart. I have had some crazy dreams lately. One about her being born about a month old and smiley and super cute with thick, dark hair. We shall see! I can't wait to meet her. I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Comet and Cupid

A few weeks ago we hitched up the wagon and headed out for a Friday family night on the town. Thanksgiving Point has two Reindeer, I think Comet and Cupid, available for a free pet and gander. We decided to head down since Berkley LOVES animals and have a little dessert from the Deli as well.
We had a good time AND none of us were mauled by antlers (I was pissing one of them off when I scratched its back and it almost took off my face with its rack.)

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Christmas Story Anyone?

This kid was bundled up good!

On Thanksgiving night we had our nephews Kaden (Shawn's side) and Easton (my side) over for a sleep over. These boys love to play together and they sure get crazy. To burn off a little energy Shawn took them out to sled, they took off before I could get their picture but I had to get some of my boy all warm and cozy and crippled by over stuffed clothes.
If you're thinking that's a lot of snow, its nothing compared to the 8 more inches we got Sunday! Ay, ay, ay!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lots To Be Thankful For

Like super sweet babies who shovel in their Thanksgiving Dinner shirtless (because even though I packed two pies, two kinds of sweet potatoes, a crock pot, a roaster oven, 4 folding chairs and a card table, a pack and play and a diaper bag I still managed to forget a bib)
And Shawn being silly with his cousin, the two of them were cracking themselves up making fun of poor JaKie's dinner rolls that didn't rise. I think the line of the day was, "I've sprinkled bigger things on my ice cream."
And spending time with family who both Shawn and I together and live out of state!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving, I hope you did too!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Best Friends

Usually Berky starts out with all three aliens in his bed and sometimes in a fit of rage he throws them all out, along with his blanket to protest going to bed...
On this particular night he was apparently too tired to finish the job and this guy landed on top of him. What a silly boy.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Take Out Night

One night, while feeling particularly pooped, Shawn volunteered to make dinner. With waffles on the menu it seemed like we couldn't lose...

And now we know what happens when you don't spray the waffle maker. Maybe you're not laughing but I sure was. Take out it was.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fresh Green Tomatoes

We had a very warm late October, early November and our tomato crop kept cropping. One day we were hanging outside and I gave him all of the little sweet orange tomatoes (sun sugar tomatoes, they're ripe when they're orange) and when they were gone he didn't seem to understand why I wasn't giving him anymore. He was going to town on these green ones and it kind of cracked me up.

Don't you just love the green seeds stuck to his chin?

A Hamburger Halloween

Getting a descent photo of a mobile hamburger is harder than you might think. For example, here he is with his monkey cousin Jackson. Believe it or not, this is the best shot I got of the two of them.
I confess that the reason I didn't get a better one is because I kind of forgot about my camera this Halloween and the next two were taken as an after thought once the kid was in his jammies and ready for bed, hence the garlic press to keep him entertained...problem with that was he was squishing his burger...
And finally we have the whole kid, facing forward and the whole costume...keep in mind I never promised he'd be happy about it.

Pumpkin Carving/Chewing

Pumpkin carving with a one year old is a whole new experience, pretty fun though. He was a little apprehensive about the guts, I thought he'd be really into it but not so much. He was however pretty into looking into the hole and gnawing on the rim.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Columbus Day the Lindseth Way

Once again, I'm behind. Shocker.

You know what's great? Government holidays with my husband off work! For Columbus Day we decided it'd be fun to go up the canyon, have a picnic and look at some lovely fall foliage.

It was considerably colder in the mountains than in the valley, go figure. But we shivered our way through our food and when we were moving around and playing we had a gay ol' time. Berky loves the outdoors and he was really loving the crunchy leaves.

Monday, October 11, 2010

1 Year Pictures (part one)

I realize his face is fuzzy in this first one but I just love it so much I had to put it up. I'm still adjusting to digital so auto focus kinda lead me astray here...

I did a little photo shoot with my boy and my friend April came along and took some pictures too. These are from the ones I got, when I get April's I'll post hers too.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday All Day Long

You only turn one once and in Berkley Aaron's case it was an all day affair. Shawn and I blew up 50 balloons for him the night before so that when he came downstairs in the morning he'd be greeted with a special birthday surprise. He loved them. We have some videos I'll have to try to remember to load later.
After that we took him to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. This boy loves animals and he was pretty excited to be there. He got to see donkeys, cows, horses, pigs, ducks, geese, rabbits, goats and lamas...and even though it was crowded with other kids, it seemed like whenever we neared an animal pen they walked over to see us. Maybe they knew he was a birthday boy.
Later that evening we had a shin dig at our place with aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Berky was spoiled rotten by everyone and really surprised me with how into all of his new toys he was, and still is for that matter. Plus he got a whole new fall wardrobe! What a lucky kid.
His party was puppy themed because Berky gets so excited around dogs, and I don't think we got any pictures of the decorations! What a shame. Courtney was the photographer for the event because my hands were busy elsewhere and my friend April took tons of pictures and gave me a disk I have yet to go through so maybe there are some decor pictures on there...who knows. Anyway....there's the cake. Not exactly professional or up to my sister Amy's standards but its my first baby's first birthday cake so we'll call it a success.
He ain't complainin'!
To be honest he was getting sleepy, but he did start to get messy and I know April's got some good messy shots.

I really can't believe I have a one year old. He is such a cute boy! He cracks Shawn and me up every single day. He loves to snuggle things like balled up blankets, pillows, and his huge stuffed frog that his Aunt Bethany got him for his birthday. Sometimes we lay our heads on this frog and make cooing, snuggly noises and he cannot resist. He stops whatever he's doing and comes to snuggle the frog with you, its so funny. He's a big boy who sleeps through the night, most nights, takes two naps a day, drinks his whole milk cold from a sippy cup, and uses his 2 1/2 teeth to try anything we stuff in his mouth. He's a walkin' fool who insists on going everywhere on foot. He points at everything so I'm hoping that all of the repetition of telling him what he sees will pay off with a first word soon! He loves to clap his hands to, If You're Happy And You Know It, and stick out his tongue and grunt along to, If All The Rain Drops Were Lemon Drops And Gum Drops and sometimes he'll even touch his head for Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. He also likes to comb his hair with the comb, put shoes on his feet, his, Shawn's and mine, and put the thermometer up to his ear. Isn't he a genius?!? We sure love him and can't wait to see what fun lies ahead being his parents!