Monday, May 4, 2009

What's In a Name?

Whelp, people keep asking and I'm not one for privacy. I'm also not one who easily gets their feelings hurt over other's opinions on her taste (i.e. my entire life my mother says her "trick" for getting me something she'll know I like is going into a store and picking out the ugliest thing she sees.)

Therefore I feel emotionally prepared to tell the world (wide web) what we are planning to name our son. Yes son, for those of you who aren't very familiar with human anatomy the shot below is a crotch shot and the limb in the middle isn't a limb.

Presenting, the name:

Berkeley Aaron Lindseth


Berkley Aaron Lindseth

We haven't exactly decided, see we're naming him after Shawn's favorite cartoonist/inspiration Berkeley Breathed. I've never been a big fan of throwing in the extra syllables, you know sometimes people call me Whitaney. It's so annoying. And since we'd never pronounce his name with 3 syllables why throw in the extra letter???

But to truly be a name sake Shawn feels it has to be exact. He also thinks middle name, name afters are "a rip-off." I think he's a bit dramatic about it really. He is however being very open minded to ditching the "extra" e.

So that's it, take it or leave it. Oh, and we'll probably end up calling him Berk.