Friday, January 29, 2010

A Day In The Life...

Some of my friends ask me what I do all day now that I'm a stay at home mom. I honestly don't know what I would do if I were a working mom because I keep myself pretty busy and still feel like there are a million things to do. Dusting, vacuuming, laundering, folding, scrubbing, wiping, de-fingerprinting, windex, pledge, dirt devil, tide and you know the sad house isn't that clean. Then there's the baby tending. Doesn't that keep one busy enough? I mean, there are days where we go through 4 outfits before lunch.

Anyway, on the days when I pretty much just don't feel like it...I don't...but I do succumb my little cherub to a photo shoot or two. Enjoy the fruits of my pun intended.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 Month Pictures

Yes, your math is right Berk did just turn 4 months old...I'm trying to play catch up one post at a time.
I think this picture is funny...not necessarily good but funny.
This boy is a drool factory!
Oh how he loves the tub!
He splashes like a maniac.
Sometimes so hard he freaks himself out when he gets water on his face.
Sweet little profile, if I do say so myself.
We love our munchkin.

Berkley's First Christmas

We arrived in Detroit at about 1 am Christmas morning due to a flight delay, therefore we had the latest start to a Christmas morning I've ever had. I think it was like, 9:30. Anyway, we had a good time with Shawn's parents, sister Tessa and brother Peter. Later that day sister Sara, her husband Kirk and their kids, William, Reagan and Kaylee joined us. Our time together was spent hanging out, watching movies and playing with the kids and the dogs...oh the dogs. Shawn's favorite living thing in the world is Riley the dog and Sara pleased him to no end by bringing him along.
It was a great Christmas to be sure with a Kitchen Aid for me, new jammies for Berky and a Macbook for Shawn. (he needed it to further pursue his animation career.)