Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Woman Who Started It All

You might not be aware of how Shawn and I met so I'll tell you. We were set up on a blind date. I was living with a friend, Jodi, who was a personal trainer and she became really good friends with a woman in our neighborhood that she trained. This woman's name is Danelle. Danelle would have us over for dinner all the time. She was in the middle of moving to North Carolina and her husband was already there. We'd hang out all night long. Danelle through getting to know me really wanted to set me up with her husband's cousin Shawn. She talked about how similar our personalities were and how much she wanted us to meet. She even had her brother-in-law and me over for dinner at the same time so she could have him, Aaron, talk Shawn into letting her set us up. Aaron and Danelle worked their magic and here we are, an eternal family with our second child on the way.

Sadly, Danelle did move. Only after Shawn and I had our second date. She had never even seen us together...until a few weeks ago. She and her family came to town and we had a family dinner on Sunday and then Monday while Shawn was at work I hung out with them all day long. We went to lunch, went to Sundance and rode the lift and had a great time. Danelle's daughter Mariah was the photographer for the day so here are a few shots.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

...And I Just Can't Hide It

So...I've been trying to play catch up chronologically but I'm interrupting our previously scheduled broadcast to bring you a gender announcement!

It's a GIRL!!! As in, sugar and spice and everything nice. As in, ribbons and bows and flowers and pink.

Can you believe it??? I know I can't. I REALLY thought it was a boy. I feel SO lucky to have one of each. Not that I wouldn't have loved another boy because, come on, but I'm just really excited. I feel connected to this pregnancy now more than I have so far! It was hard for me being sick and everything to feel very excited but I sure am now. I'll have to scan in some ultrasound pics to add to this post later, since I'm sure you're all dying to see a set of legs with nothing dangling in between.

Oh yeah, and a name...here's the one we're most likely going with unless we have a really strong feeling she's a Jezabel.

Sauvie Jane (pronounced so-vee)

Sure people will think she's saying Sophie or read it Saavie her whole life. We don't care. We like it.

It comes from the place Shawn's dad grew up. An island outside of Portland called Sauvie Island. It's some French guy's last name but I think it makes a rather cute girl first name.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Face of Frustration

He does this face a lot but I've always had trouble catching it on film. It is definitly the face he makes when he's mad at me. Too bad for him I LOVE IT! Ha ha. It's pretty hilarious. Watch as the frustration at me for not giving him my camera mounts.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Itsy Bitsy SpiderSSSSSSS

Imagine this, you're in the midst of morning sickness and your husband takes your baby downstairs in the morning to allow some extra rest. When you rouse yourself from your bed and walk down the stairs you feel as though all you can do is collapse on the couch and watch them play. As you're about to collapse on said couch you notice a few little black specks...you look closer...the specks have legs...eight legs to be exact. You grab a wet wipe because that's what's available and start to pinch them to their death one at a time...then you look down the couch, more specks you pinch and pinch and your eyes travel around the couch WAY more specks...to the back of the couch, even more after you've pinch killed 47 little buggers you flip the couch over trying to find the source of these miniature demons. Behold:
Lucky for me, I'm honestly not afraid of spiders and I handled it just fine. Now if it had been a nest of pincher bugs, pretty sure my couch would have been on fire in the front yard before I had much time to think.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Turned 28

A month and a half ago. I'm a little behind. BUT I had to show you the cake Shawn got me because its great. I am a big fan of the site cakewrecks.com. If you've never heard of it or looked at it, you're in for a real treat. Sometimes, when the sun is shining and my mood is just right, the fits of giggles it leads to bring me to tears.
Anyhoo...in honor of cakewrecks Shawn got me this treasure:

I also got a Cricut from my dear husband which I'm super excited about but I've honestly been a little too sick to really do anything with...but all that's about to change because I'm starting to feel like a human being again. Still pretty tired but not nauseous! Hallelujah!!!