Monday, January 26, 2009

1 and Counting...

Today is Whitney and Shawn's first anniversary and in honor of that Whitney has decided to make a list of her favorite things about Shawn, one item for every year of marriage.

1. His butt.

OK, I did think it would be easy to just make one because well, one is easy but its also kind of a cop out so here's my top ten list for Shawn:

10. His butt (Hi mother-in-law, maybe you could just skip straight to #9?)
9. His dimples
8. His creativity in many things including, writing, drawing and animating
7. His willingness to go with the flow in almost any situation
6. His kindness towards everyone, seriously, everyone
5. His patience with me and my crazy emotional self
4. His love and esteem for each of his friends
3. His love and real concern for each of his family members
2. His pure, childlike faith
1. His love for me and the way he shows me and tells me he loves me everyday

I realize these statements seem simple but that's because with Shawn it is simple. What you see is what you get. I'm really a very lucky girl and I know not everyone gets to be as lucky as I am.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Is It About Me That Says, Please...Go Ahead, Take Whatever You'd Like?

  • When I was in High School (in front of my house)...they broke in and stole the change from my ash tray
  • When I was in High School...they got into my locker and stole my purse with everything in it
  • When I was in Provo (in my parking garage)...they broke in and stole my car stereo
  • When I was in Vegas(in front of my brother's house)...they broke in and stole my car stereo, wallet, work phone and camera
  • When I was in Lehi (in a church parking lot)...they broke in and found nothing to steal
  • When I was in Draper (in front of my house)...they broke in and found nothing to steal
  • When I was in Draper(in front of my house)...they broke in and found nothing to steal
  • When I was in Draper (i.e. this morning)(in front of my house)...they broke in and found nothing to steal

Hmmm....I was pretty sure today put me up to 9 but I can't think of another one...I'll keep you posted.

P.S. After the second car stereo was stolen I've never gotten another one because I know it'll just be taken again, which you can see would have happened 4 times since Vegas. Awesome.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shawn's Baby it is, the result of hours of labor from my one and only husband Shawn. He has wanted to animate for a long, long time and finally purchased some software to help the dream come to fruition. Please, take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and drift slowly into the fantasy world Shawn has created...and please leave him a comment on the web-page. He loves comments.

And, if you guess correctly which character I do the voice work for, I'll send you a quarter.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Paper It Is

So, as some of you may not know the traditional first anniversary gift is paper. And, Shawn and I are never ones to break traditions so we bought ourselves some anniversary paper. Item one: 2 paper tickets to Barcelona, Spain, Item two: 2 paper tickets aboard the Norwegian Jade cruise ship from Barcelona, Spain to Rome, Italy, to Athens, Greece, to Izmir (Ephesus), Turkey, to Alexandria (Cairo, Giza), Egypt, to Valletta, Malta back to Barcelona, Spain.

So, we'll be gone February 12th through the 27th and we'll be loving every minute of it. I'm pretty excited!!! I've posted before how much I want to go to Egypt and I couldn't be more thrilled. My mother couldn't be less so. You win some, you lose some.

Man, I sure love paper gifts.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I didn't know

I didn't know that this background read "groundhog's" when I put it up. I thought oh how cute, a Groundhog Day background. And then I put it up. And then I saw that they said Groundhog's. I hate unnecessary S's. Why do people think its cute? I don't.

So then I decided that I'd have to pick a new layout and their sight is down. So you'll all have to deal.

Happy Groundhog (none possessive) Day!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas at Last! (Long Post Alert)

I think its safe to assume that I enjoyed Christmas. It was great to be with my parents, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, cousins and friends. Even better because Shawn had the chance to get to know them all a little better.

We arrived on Christmas Eve without trouble. We were greeted by the whole family including Charlotte! It was so fun to have her there. We had dinner, and then presents. My sister Amy had my name and she made mean awesome blanket. I should take a picture and put it up. It is seriously so well made, like everything she makes. My brother Adam had Shawn's name and he got him a shirt which had a man and woman holding hands walking into the sunset with the phrase "Christians have the best sects." Shawn was pleased and everyone had a good laugh at it all day. My mother made each of her children a little 3 piece nativity out of clay. They are adorable.

On Christmas morning we woke up to presents galore, Santa had he spoiled the kids rotten, in fact more than they thought they deserved. For example, Easton said "Wow, I guess I was a lot good." While Marlee quipped "I really thought I was on the naughty list." When we suggested that next year she behave a little better so there wouldn't be any doubt she just shrugged her shoulders. Pretty funny kids.

We had our semi-annual Sister (sister is a word we use to describe any woman who participates in our bonding rituals)bonding trip to NYC and saw Mary Poppins on Broadway. The trip was really fun, the show was not my favorite I've ever seen. It was just different, different songs, new songs, changed songs slightly different plot, new characters. Why mess with a good thing I say? The first act was a little slow but the second act was good. So there you have my opinion.

After NYC we just did a lot of hanging out around Southern York County. I got to see my friend Mary's beautiful house and cute kids and Beckie's awesome place with great property. And we had our annual crimpage which I sadly won't get to participate in next year. What will my hair think going two years without a crimp?

Alas I don't really feel like putting my pictures in any kind of order so I'm just going to throw some in here at the bottom. Enjoy.

The weather forecast of course. The cousins below scripted and performed a run of the mill 5 o'clock news broadcast.

In case you are wondering Aubree is one of 3 plane crash survivors with her baby there.

Alex and Me.

Emmaline and Grandma

Please take the time to read the words my mother is karaoke-ing

Can you feel the passion with which she karaokes?
Amy and Kim laughing it up at Amber's stellar performance.
Amber, Quita and I looking crimptastic.

A shy smile from baby Jackson.

Aubree, Maia and Courtney, these cousins couldn't get enough of each other.
Me with Tori and Kim outside of their first Broadway show.
Me, Tori and Charlotte on our first cab ride of the day.
Nothin' says SYC cookin' like lickin' clean a black raspberry pie plate. (in his defense I urged him to lick it.)