Friday, February 22, 2008

Bye Bye Fat Lump

OK, so as I said not in my first blog Shawn had surgery to get a fatty tumor removed from the back of his neck. It looked like it was the size of a golf ball in there but the doctor showed it to me once it was removed (because my dear, sweet husband asked him to) and it wasn't quite that large. It also wasn't very round. The Dr. said that if you take a marble and stick it under a piece of saran wrap it still looks the size of a marble but if you put it under a rug it looks a lot bigger...therefore because Shawn's lump was deep in his neck it looked bigger.

Shawn is very sad that I didn't take a picture of the lump for him because he was still out when they sent it to the lab. But, there is no real cause for concern because the Dr. told us it is a less then 1% chance that it is something serious. Oh yeah, as for him not seeing it don't feel bad, because last night whilst cooking up some ground beef I fished the piece out of the pan that most closely resembled the size and shape of the lump for him.

So there you have it. He's doing well and feeling young and spry again.


Mendy said...

Congrats to Shawn on the birth of his fat lump! Michael says, "Now, if we could just get another kind of fat lump growing out there..."

Dearest sister, anyone who was once in 7F should know the differences between "bag" and "back" and "peace" and "piece." Go ahead and edit. Love, your snobbish English-degree-holding older sister.

whitney allison said...

Strangly enough I spelled piece, peice at first and then read through it (missing bag again) and realized that I had neglected the i before e except after c rule and fixed it...or so i thought, I have no idea how it turned into peace. 7th grade I was in "red" group. I was in 8F.

Tracy said...

Hello Whitney -- I'm Mendy's friend (I don't criticize as much as she does) I love how your hubby let you post that sexy picture of him in the gown. Congrats on getting his lump out. My hubby has lumps all over & nobody seems to think they need to come out. But after seeing your blog, I think I'm going to insist his lumps be born. Maybe he'll let me post pics of him too.

lindsey said...

Glad its out!

laura said...

kids shmids. it took you less than a week to post a picture of your husband in a dress. your blog is very promising.