Saturday, March 19, 2011

Brother Meets Sister

At the hospital Berkley didn't really care much about sister at all.
There were much more exciting things to see and do.
Boy was he mad when he couldn't take that stethoscope home.
Aren't we cute? haha...sure seems like a real family when you've got multiple kids in there.
At home Berky paid her much more attention. Helping with the binkie.
Laying his head on her and saying "aw."
He even gave her a kiss!
Sometimes he gets a bit jealous or rough...

but generally he just loves all the cool new stuff that's around the house. Nothing like reading a book in a bouncy baby seat we always say!
Plus, he can share his daddy once in a while.


Rebecca said...

Berky is a cool big brother!

Amber said...

He looks grown up next to a brand new baby.

Sommer said...

You seriously have two of the cutest kids ever! I am so happy for you Whitney!