Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Memorable Moments

Me: OK buddy, it's time for stories.

Berkley: No, no.

Me: Yes, let's go read some stories and take a snooze.

Berkley, grabbing onto his dad's shirt: No, daddy read me stories!  Daddy stories!

Shawn: OK, I'll read you stories.

Berkley, looking at me, in a sing songy voice: na na na naaa na na.

Shawn and Whitney:  hysterical laughing.

What's that?  A moment for disciplining the little brat?  Sorry, it was too funny.

Items found in my bedside trashcan this morning:  $1, a pair of earrings, a necklace.

Berkley:  Mommy, you love me?

Me:  Yeah, I love you.  Do you love me?

Berkley:  Yes.

Berkley when Sovie wakes up from her morning nap:  Sovie!  It's good to see you.

Berkley:  Mommy, I'm a monster, I'm gonna get you!

Me:  Oh no, don't get me monster.

Berkley:  No mommy, I'm not a scary monster, I'm a happy monster.

Berkley pointing at the window:  Mommy, you see the ghost?  (reflections)

I have no clue how his brain connects reflections to ghosts, promise he doesn't watch horror movies!

Anyway, don't know if you find these things amusing but I wanted to jot them down.


Mendel Family said...

Love things like this! Good for you for writing them down!

Rebecca said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing.

LaurynandJonny said...

I can't believe he said nanananana to you! That is tooooo funny! It's such a good idea to put that stuff in the blog. Layla can't talk too much yet, but I keep meaning to put all the cute stuff she does.....

Van Ry Clan of Layton Ave said...

super cute!

The Wiseman Life said...

Ha ha. That is so cute. I can't wait for z to start talking.

Sommer said...

adorable!!! My favorite is the first story. What a little cutie.

Amber said...

Such fun memories. Love that boy!