Friday, October 8, 2010

Zoo Begins With Z

We kicked off our Labor Day weekend with a Friday trip to the zoo. Shawn had the day off and so did Aunt Amy. Berky LOVES animals so it was fun to see him watch them and point.
We got a picture of Berky by some turkeys because we call him Berky Turkey all the time.We also got to see the baby elephant that was born last year in the zoo. I thought she'd be adult size by now because that's usually how things in the animal kingdom work but I guess elephants grow at a more human-like pace. She was super cute!
We had a fun day. Thanks for hanging out with us before your big hair appointment Aunt Amy!We can't wait to go back, I mean, look at the joy on his face!

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Amber said...

How can you put him in an egg like that!?!? You big meanie. It's like you just told him he had to spend time with his Aunt Amber.