Thursday, March 6, 2008

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What is his name?
Shawn Daniel
How long have you been married?
Hold on, let me count…40 days.
How long did you date?
4 months until we got engaged, I know…Yikes.
How old is he?
Who eats more?
Well…he might eat more in one sitting but I think I eat more often.
Who said "I love you" first?
He did!
Who gave the 1st kiss?
He did. Similarly to my sister I was trying to give the signals not to. At first I wanted him to but then I started to freak out and didn’t want him to
Who sings better?
Probably me but when he thinks no ones listening he sounds like a sweet song bird ha ha ha.
Who is smarter?
Well, it depends on the subject. Shawn knows lots of things, he reads lots of news and facts and things. He also is a far better speller then I am. But I usually do math in my head and he whips out his calculator…
Whose temper is worse?
ooh ooh me, that’s who. Shawn probably has the least temper of anyone I have EVER met. I promise I’m not exaggerating.
Who does the laundry?
We both do, but we’re still pretty new at this so I’m sure in time I’ll be doing it more. ¾ of the time we still do our own.
Who does the dishes?
I do them most of the time.
Who pays the bills?
Again, we’re still new…we mostly do our own. But Shawn does more because more of them are in his name ie…mortgage, water, gas etc…
Who mows the lawn?
HOA baby, they don’t charge us that monthly fee for nothing.
Who cooks dinner?
Both of us, we both work full time so it wouldn’t be entirely fair for just one of us to do it.
Who drives when you are together?
Almost always him.
Who is more stubborn?
Definitely me, like I said, he is EXTREMLY easy going.
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
Um, I think it’s a tie. This one is tough.
Whose parents do we see the most?
We see mine a little more because they come out here. Shawn’s parents don’t really come to us. Who has more friends?
Um, close friends? Shawn probably has more, he has a very tight group of friends there are like 7ish of them.
Who proposed?
Who has more siblings?
We both come from families with 8 kids.
Who wears the pants?
Well his friends tell him that I do but I told him that if they tell him that one more time he’s not allowed to hang out with them anymore so yeah, you tell me.

I tag the Beckies on my list, Clark and Voss. Hit me with it big time.


Tracy said...

I love learning more about you and your prince! You are totally impressing me -- you can do math in your head!? I still use my fingers. Oh, yes, you will be doing more laundry, just wait.

Shawn said...

Witters, you have my permission to continue this blog so long as you re-answer the pants question.

laura said...

Ah, pants are overrated. Let's just focus on the fact that in/about the same blog post we've learned so much about "Shawnsy" and "Witters." Because isn't that what really matters?

kathleener said...

hi whitney--i'm so glad that you blog! finally, someone else in the family to keep in touch with! nice to "meet" you too--we'll have to chat in august over the new meyer book. cubby thinks we're huge nerds. we're going to visit new york over july 4th--you guys should come out too!