Thursday, March 27, 2008

Paris, Versailles, Verona, and Venice

Over Thanksgiving 2007 my sister Amber and I went on a European holiday. It was really awesome. I had never been outside of the country before except for to Mexico and Canada and both of those were just over the border. I know it's old news but I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures since back then I didn't have a blog.

This is a view from inside the Louvre
This is from inside Notre Dame...You see that tower from everywhere I tell you.
Notre Dame from the outside.
The Eiffel Tower with a bit of a Carousel and the Moon! Could it be a more Parisian image?
Amber and I took a million pictures here, it is at Versailles on the million acres. This was part of Marie Antoinette's village and it was like the opening scenes of Beauty and the Beast!

This is taken on top of the Arc de Triomphe. I love Sacre Coeur in the back.
This is Amber after we climbed a million steps to the top of Sacre Coeur. On the way down Amber got a hand full of bird crap from the rail.
This is a beautiful street in Verona (taken from on top of the 2nd largest Colossium type stadium in Italy), we ate under one of those green shades where, once again Amber had a run in with the birds. Her coat fell in bird crap.
I'm taking a picture from the window in our shower as Amber sticks her head out of the other window in our Venice hotel.
Is this not the epitome of what you'd think Venice is? Laundry hanging across the buildings? I love it.
On the last day of our trip Amber and I just wandered the streets of Venice aimlessly. It was so relaxing and beautiful it might have been my favorite day. This picture is from that day and I love it. I love the pealing, chipping building, I love the plants in the windows, I love Venice.

Well, these are just a FEW of the hundreds of pictures I took...not to mention the ones that Amber took. Some say that pictures are the best souvenir, which I'm pretty sure Amber and I agree with, but just so we didn't have any regrets we made sure to buy PLENTY of souvenirs as well.


kathleener said...

beautiful! i've always wanted to visit those cities. maybe in 10 yrs or so i'll be asking you for good traveling trips. that's so great that you were able to take that kind of trip with your sister!

Mendy said...

Wow! What a fun trip you girls had. Too bad I wasn't invited. I'm not bitter...sniff sniff...
JK I am thrilled you two got to go all over. What fun!

Tracy said...

What an amazing trip! Is Mendy really that difficult to live with, so she wasn't invited? Someday I need to go there, maybe I'll invite Mendy. (Did you notice she posted pics of her hair cut?) Your turn.

Amber Sechrist said...

Thank you. Merci. And most of all PREGO for not posting that one hideous photo (you know which one I mean!!!). I am quite surprised you didn't post any photos of glass blown Christmas trees - that seemed to be the most important site to see in Venice. I'm so glad that we were able to voyage together, and, more importantly, without Mendy!! HAHAHAHA.

Mike said...

Whitney, you are a gifted photographer. These photographs are beautiful! I've never been to Europe, but your photographs feel as though they capture the essence.