Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Primary Class Party

So I've gotten behind but I want to post picture from our party because it's fun.

Shawn and I teach Sunday School to the 10 year olds in our congregation. It's a lot of fun even though we only have one girl and the boys get a little rowdy. 2 Saturdays ago Shawn and I hosted a party for our Primary class because they earned it. Earned it? You say? Yes, we've put in place a point system to promote reverence so we can get through our lessons.

Our class could earn up to 10 points a week and once they got to 200 we would throw them a pizza party. Well, it was long and hard but they made it. We had pizza, video games, a silly string fight, make your own dessert pizza and awards.

Over all I'd say it was a success and the kids are striving to be extra good to earn enough points to have a Christmas party (we might throw them a bone if they don't make it anyway, it's Christmas after all).


Tracy said...

Your kids are going to always remember what great teachers you are. My son had a party with his teachers (also a married couple) last year and he loved it and talked about how "cool" they were. Also, my daughter is the only girl in her primary class with 100 boys. It's been like that for years, so treat your only girl special!

Beckie said...

What fantastic teachers! I wish I was a kid in your class!

The Wiseman Life said...

Looks like a fun time....what sweet teachers you are! I didn't realize Reagan was the only girl! lol poor thing!

Amber said...

My favorite part of your party was the leftover cookies we ate the day after.

You are such a good calling fulfiller!!