Saturday, October 22, 2011

October Festivities

Oh the madness!  Pumpkins, pumpkins, rice krispy treats.  What a wild weekend.  Bethany and Kaden came up and brought a few pumpkins with them because they have a neighbor with a pumpkin patch...we got pretty creative. 

Bethany had the patience of a saint and sifted through all of the pumpkin guts to find pumpkin seeds.  We baked them up for a super yummy, super salty snack

While we were outside carving pumpkins Sovie snaked an Oreo from her Daddy.  Chocolate looks good on her, eh?

 Shawn's pumpkin, a pirate monkey, which Kaden thought was a puzzel.  My pumpkin, I did with a drill.  I really liked how it turned out.  Kaden's pumpkin had that cool wrinkly spot that he made into an old man's mouth.  Good job Kaden!


 Socks don't make the best breaks when going  up and down the side walk with the help of a big cousin.

 The grand display!  They all turned out really well.  The top left one is a robot that Kaden free-handed upon Berk's request.  He did such a good job.

And for a delightful treat we shaped our Rice Krispys into Halloween things.  

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