Friday, June 6, 2008

Funny Easton

We spent their last Utah night of the summer with Joel's family and Easton was climbing all over Uncle Shawn which promted his mother to ask:

Kim: How much do you like your Uncle Shawn?

Easton: Um, 5.

End of story. She asked a question, he gave an answer.


Tracy said...

Well, if that's 5 out of 10, that's not very good. I think Uncle Shawn has some work to do to get his approval numbers higher.

Mendy said...

Gotta love Easton! What a funny kid.

You know that Uncle Shawn has fans all across the US.

Anonymous said...

I miss you! Funny story. I have more eastonisms... Like when we got to the manila airport (i assigned everyone a buddy. he was mine) it was so hot and sweaty. Easton says mommy i don't want to be your buddy anymore cuz you stink. or when we got to the condo in the hallway yesterday, he wrinkled up his nose and said those philippinos cook too much fish.

Monica said...

I love how kids call it like the think it is with such simplicity!! If only adults could still get away with that!