Friday, March 19, 2010

Sugary Fried Dough and A Lot of Snow

So in early February Berky and I left on a jet plane and headed to the Keystone State. We went for the ever-so-important holiday of Faaschnacht Day. Debate the spelling if you want but I'm only reading what my dad wrote and if anyone knows, its him.

What is Faaschnacht Day you ask? You know Ash Wednesday? The beginning of Lent? And how the Tuesday before that is also known as Fat Tuesday, well where I come from, where the towns are small, the Walmarts are hopping and where the "o's" are pronounced long and hard it is Faaschnacht Day. Some say a Faaschnacht is merely a doughnut but we, the few, the proud, the Pennsylvania Dutch, know better.

First you make some dough using a recipe with measurements such as "3 handfuls of flour" and have Grandma Sechrist remind you that her mother had large hands, then you roll it out, then you slice it up with a generations old Faaschnacht cutter and make a slit in the middle, then you fry it up in lard, Crisco or some other hard fat, never oil...and then...then you place it in a brown bag o' sugar and shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty.

And here's the real test people...what you do next determines who you really are. Do you choose powdered sugar, or granulated?

Wrong, you chose wrong. The correct answer is granulated.

It might sound like unhealthy madness, and in truth it is, but its a family- nay, a cultural tradition and a fun one at that! It had been nearly a decade since I dived into these delectable treats but don't worry...I made up for lost time.

And then of course, there was the quality family time. We were all forced together under one roof when the first big snow fall of 2010 came. It was great to see that much snow come doesn't snow like that in the valley where I live. Mendy, Michael, Laura, Adam, Amber, Alex and I all went sledding that night while dad dragged us around with the tractor. Good times.

On the inside of the house the cousins were doting on Berky like mad. He had a good time with them but I think his favorite "new" family member he met would have to be his Great Grandma. Berky and GG got along like old friends, he talked her ear off and I think she loved to listen.

What a fun trip. Thanks for the good time everybody!


kimberly said...

What the beautiful baby? Honestly.

Dani said...

Your posts are very entertaining. Your boy is so handsome. And I did chose granulated. :)

Melinda said...

Those look delicious! Anything fried in hard lard makes my mouth water!

Amibelle said...

Berk looks so cute in the little tie! I love fried dough. Can you make Faaschnachts for any occasion or just Faaschnacht day? Looks like it was a fun trip.

Ben said...

Cute post Whit, I always wished I was a Sechrist, you have the best family Whitney!!! I love how close you all are and the funny witty sense of humors you all seem to have.

Sommer said...

awww man, it's not Ben it's me Sommer.... sorry if I creeped you out =)