Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Spring?

Berky and I have been living it up! We're loving this weather. With the swings, and many long walks and just playing in the yard. I really think he likes it, more to look at, nice breezes to tickle his face and he gets to watch mommy dig in the dirt.

I've clipped and cleaned up my flower beds and even planted some seeds, not the mention the ones I have started in my top secret Greenhouse location. I'm so excitied for my things to grow.

Here's Berky outside playing while I was gardening. I thought he looked cute under the umbrella...I'm gonna have to watch that rosy cheeked, auburn haired white boy. Just bought some SPF 70 and swim trunks with a long sleeve rash guard. I hope his skin stays healthy!


Anja said...

looks like he's got a pretty nice set up out there!

Anonymous said...

Well who wouldn't love it with a setup like that. Very cute and fun. I can get Jackson to say Berkley almost without any coaxing now! So funny. Looks like you two had a grand ol' time. I hope you are growing some of your famous tomatoes for me...:)

amibelle said...

He looks like his dad hanging out in the shade. I can't wait to have him come play in my pool.

kathleener said...

he sure has it made in the shade! you know what i've found though? even emily, with her ultra-white-cubby-esque skin still ends up with tan lines by the end of summer! sunscreen and all, she'll still tan a bit! i'm sure berk will be fine :-).

also, the exersaucer totally DOES bring on the poops! both kiddos have remained regular thanks to it!