Sunday, March 28, 2010

To The Left, To The Left

Maybe you won't find this as amusing as I do but I think its quite silly.

Lately when I give Berky a toy, he takes it for a few seconds and tosses it to the left. Today two different times I kept doing it until we were out of toys and snapped some shots.

I wonder if this means he'll be left handed? I smell a Major Leaguer (that's baseball Shawn...they like lefties.)


beckie said...

Thats really funny. And I didn't realize his cheeks were so rosy. What a cutie.

laura said...

ok. i'm cracking up. this is my favorite berky post. how quirky! i love it!!

Van Ry Clan of Layton Ave said...

I am pretty sure William was the same way and he is a lefty

Amber said...

He looks so cuddly. Maybe it's because his mother is so left of center!